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You may have heard a dentist say they will 'renew' your smile and thought they were talking about your teeth. In fact, an experienced dentist can perform a range of esthetic treatments that go far beyond your mouth. From removing wrinkles to calming overactive muscles and preventing you from showing too much gum while smiling, there's no shortage of ways a skilled dental specialist can brighten your face.

Dr. Lisa Elias has the training and experience to enhance any aspect of your smile. Operating out of Brunswick, Ohio, she offers safe, comfortable facial rejuvenation for all North Royalton patients who want it.

Regenerative Facial Aesthetic Treatments Offered

Dentists are very familiar with two things: the function of each muscle in the face and the administration of intra-oral injections. One of the biggest advantages of getting these procedures done in a dental office is having the reassurance that Botox® and dermal fillers will be delivered in a completely painless manner.

Experienced Botox® Esthetician

Dr. Lisa Elias has extensive experience with Botox®, which she uses to calm facial muscles. This has a number of benefits, including:

  • Getting Rid of Wrinkles - The most famous use for Botox® is by far its ability to rid your face of lines and wrinkles. It is most effective on lines around your eyes, as well as on the forehead.
  • Relieving Pain - Excessive contractions in the facial muscles are a common source of pain. By strategically applying Botox®, Dr. Lisa Elias can reduce migraines, muscle spasms, and countless other sources of suffering.

The effects of the botox began to be noticeable in 3 days, takes full effect in 2-3 weeks and last for a least 3 months.

Botox® is a therapeutic and cosmetic agent used to relax muscles and reduce or eliminate wrinkles in the face. It is also used to relax and lessen the effects of jaw muscle contraction, clenching and grinding and can sometimes lessen or eliminate pain in certain forms of headaches and migraines. The procedure takes only minutes and begins taking effect in one to three (1-3) days, taking full effect in at three (3) weeks and lasts for months.

Juvederm® & Other Treatments in a Comfortable Setting

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In addition to our Botox® treatments, Dr. Elias provides a number of other aesthetic treatments including:

  • Dermal Fillers - Juvederm®, Restylane® and other dermal fillers also eliminate wrinkles while providing greater fullness in the area where they are injected. With these fillers, you can plump up your lips, restore lost fullness in cheeks, chin or jawline and make your face look younger and more symmetrical.
  • PRF Therapy - Short for Platelet Rich Fibrin, PRF therapy involves regenerating parts of your gums that have become recessed. This has both aesthetic and practical benefits. Not only does it make your smile look more even, but it also protects your teeth from potential sources of decay.

Dermal Fillers for North Royalton Patients

Dermal fillers, which provide an appearance of fullness at the injection site and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, are mostly used for marionette lines, corners of the mouth, lip augmentation and deeper folds. They are also used to plump sagging or depressed cheeks, smooth irregular contours or humps in the nose, fill recesses or deficient chins and smooth the jaw line to remove the appearance of jowls. The results are visible immediately, and dermal filler therapy can last ten to 12 months.

  • Subtly or dramatically plump lips
  • Even out asymmetries of the face
  • Fill in depressions and deep creases, restore youthful contours

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